Metal Fabrication: Improving the Production of Commercial Goods

Posted on: 10 March 2022

If you are interested in designing and producing metal goods for commercial purposes, you should choose a qualified and experienced manufacturer. Keep in mind that metal fabrication is a complex process, especially when creating customised items. Therefore, when selecting a manufacturer, make sure they have skilled engineers and workers. Also, review their status in the industry, including their experience, range of services, costs of production and customer feedback. In addition, use the outlined tips to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

Create a Good Design A poor design can cause a lot of detours during metal fabrication. Therefore, consider your design with care before commissioning production. In general, it is advisable to hire a qualified product designer for your project. However, if you have a clear idea of your design needs, you can handle the task. Read materials on metal fabrication and learn computer-aided design skills for better results. You should also consult your manufacturer during the design phase. Often, metal fabricators have specialised engineers to guide customers on effective design.

Reduce Complex Elements One of the common mistakes made during custom design and fabrication is the inclusion of complex details. A more intricate product might look better and leave a lasting impression. However, the production demands are not worthwhile with regard to time and money. Therefore, where possible, eliminate unnecessary features and details in your product. If any element does not have a functional purpose, do not incorporate it. Your goal should be to maximise throughput and reduce the total costs of creating the item.

Choose Good Materials The right design must be complemented by good materials. If the chosen metal is not compatible with the product and the intended use, numerous problems will crop up. For example, the cost of production might increase, and the envisioned product might not perform as expected. Therefore, compare different metals by reviewing their properties, including intrinsic strength, corrosion resistance, temperature and pressure resistance, durability and ease of manufacturing.

Produce a Prototype When your design is complete, do not rush into bulk production. Instead, create a prototype and assess it. Often, designs look good in theory and on paper, but the physical item might not be useable. You can streamline the future manufacturing processes by evaluating everything using the prototype. For example, check the ease of manufacturing and identify the causes of delays or inefficiency. Then, test the produced item in the conditions it will be used. This process will help you identify oversights and address them before bulk production for sale. 

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