4 Reasons to Consider Sandblasting Over Conventional Surface Prep Methods

Posted on: 13 December 2021

Sandblasting involves the application of abrasive materials like sand at high pressure to clean rust, paint or other hard to remove materials on surfaces. It is an effective technique used before treatment or application of finishes. You will commonly find sandblasting methods across different industries as it is an essential technique used to prepare surfaces. There are many reasons why you should consider sandblasting for surface preparation, including these four:

Eliminates Contaminants

Applying coatings or finishes can be complex when your components have contaminated surfaces. Common contaminants include grease and oil. The presence of such substances on your component's surfaces will result in uneven finishes. Old paint is another common contaminant that requires removal during component refurbishment. When applied in several layers, old paint can be tricky to remove, especially when using chemicals. Here is where sandblasting proves superior. It is an alternative option that provides precise, efficient and effective results on any contaminant. 

Removes Rust

If you plan to refurbish weathered items, your immediate concern would be rusted surfaces. Rust occurs when metals react with oxygen, making it difficult to remove without eating into the item's surface. You might end up with ugly dents that are stubborn to remediate. Furthermore, using conventional techniques might take you many hours to eliminate rust, but sandblasting offers a quick and effective solution. It helps restore metallic surfaces to their initial shiny condition before developing rust. 


Many traditional surface preparation techniques are unreliable and costly. On the other hand, sandblasting is a highly cost-effective, fast and efficient surface prepping method. Whether you want to prepare surfaces for a new paint coat or finish, choosing conventional hand tools and abrasives will only cost you more money and time. You might also require harsh chemicals to remove paint or rust, costing more and putting your health at risk. However, you can save yourself more time and effort with sandblasting. Your production line will be smooth since you will finish your projects on time. 


Sandblasting is safer and environmentally friendly when preparing surfaces than chemical options. Many chemicals contain acidic substances that can pose a serious health hazard when inhaled or spilled on your body. On the other hand, sandblasting uses organic materials like sand, glass, shell grits or water to achieve the same goal but safely.

Many conventional surface preparation methods are less likely to meet your project needs. However, sandblasting will provide excellent results cost-effectively, safely and in an environmentally friendly way.  


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