3 Major Benefits of Using Formatubes in Construction

Posted on: 21 July 2021

Efficiency is exceptionally essential during a construction project. In that case, you must ensure that every stage of the project proceeds according to the plan so as to meet the timelines and save money. Moreover, you will end up with a quality outcome when you run the project efficiently.

One of the innovative construction ideas with the potential to boost the efficiency of construction is Formatubes-cardboard columns. Contractors use these columns in the concrete pouring part of the project. Here are three main benefits you can gain by switching to Formatubes: 

1. They Make Straight Columns

Accuracy is what makes a beautiful and sturdy construction. Many contractors use wooden tubes to create pillars. In this case, they put together the wood tubings, which often result in uneven columns. 

On the other hand, Formatubes are manufactured by competent and experienced fabricators. Therefore, they are standard in size and ideal for any cross-sectional area. They also have a smooth inner surface and a uniform structural strength. Because of that, they create straight and even columns that form part of an aesthetically appealing structure.

2. They Do Not Leak

Another problem that you might encounter when using the regular wooden columns is leakage. Leakage happens when there are spaces between the wooden planks. The amount of concrete that seeps through the gaps might seem insignificant, but it can add up to a significant amount.

Formatubes have a solid and sealed engineering to ensure that nothing seeps through them. Thus, you will save your construction materials when you choose Formatubes during the concreting procedure. 

3. They Have Pre-Installed Decorations

In most cases, columns end up becoming part of the building's decorations. In most construction projects, the contractor installs the columns and adds decorative features by hand sculpting. 

However, you can have custom-made Formatubes with the images and patterns you want to decorate your columns. The designs get embossed onto the inner surface and emerge after the concrete settles. 

The tubes make it straightforward to achieve moulding and decoration within a shorter timeframe. The pre-installed decorations also eliminate the wastage that happens when carving designs on columns.

Formatubes are an excellent and versatile way to handle the overall concrete pouring and installation process. You can choose ready-made tubes that suit your functions or have them custom-made for your specific needs. The tubing will save you time and money and also improve the overall quality of your construction.

If you need Formatubes, contact a local construction supplier.


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