3 Factors That Affect the Cost of Powder Coating

Posted on: 10 May 2021

If you need to have a machine, piece of equipment or products powder coated, then you have to factor in various costs. You won't always simply pay for the coating process. Which factors might affect your budget?

1. Do You Need Preparation Work?

If you're powder coating new parts or products, then you won't need to do any preparation work. The products are in a clean state, so you can usually send them off to be coated without any other work.

However, if you want to refresh items that have been powder coated or painted in the past, then you usually need to clean the surfaces first to make them good again. The same goes if you're working on a machine or piece of equipment that has grime and oil stuck on it. Your powder coating company can work out if you do need them to clean anything up before they add the coating. This might seem like an extra hassle but you'll ultimately get a longer-lasting finish that looks good if you take this step.

2. What Are You Powder Coating?

It's not always easy to get an even protective powder coat on to a part or surface. If you're coating regular-sized flat sheets, then your job is easier. Your costs will be lower.

However, if you want to coat oddly shaped, complicated or oversized pieces, then your costs will be higher. You should talk to your powder coating company at this stage and ask for their advice. They can ensure that your order uses the right powder coating and application technique to give you the perfect finish. Finding the most efficient route also helps keep your costs low.

3. Which Powder Coating Product Do You Want to Use?

Powder coatings aren't all the same. Some, like polyester powders, are low-cost options. If you want a fluoropolymer or a powder that has a certain effect, such as a ripple coating, then you pay more.

Remember that you have to look beyond the cosmetic when you choose a coating. You should look for a product that suits its surface or item. For example, if your powder-coated pieces will sit outdoors, then you shouldn't use an epoxy coating. Epoxies often fade and degrade in sunlight. Here, a fluoropolymer coating will be more durable.

You should talk to powder coating services before making this decision. They can help you find the right coating for your job.


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