The Tips you Need for Your Next Custom Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on: 8 February 2021

The thought of setting up something outdoors may fill your mind with numerous possibilities. It could be a fence, ordinary furniture or any other outdoor accessory that makes your life worth living. Certainly, the challenge is more significant when you consider setting up an outdoor kitchen? But how do you select materials that can withstand the harsh outdoor and kitchen working conditions? Your best bet is going for steel, which has all the attributes you need for an outdoor kitchen. It is also versatile and capable of being customised to your specific needs. Here are some useful tips when you take on this project:

You Can Achieve Great Looks

Steel trademark grey shade may not be appealing to everyone. It can even be boring for those who don't know how to manipulate it and achieve a great look for their outdoor kitchen. Start by going for galvanised or stainless steel with a sleek and reflective appearance. This surface ensures that the stainless steel can pick up colours in the environment and emphasise the beautiful aspects of the surrounding area. You can customise your outdoor kitchen by pairing your steel pieces with concrete, tiles and stucco.

You Have a Variety

A custom steel kitchen gives you various options for functional efficiency. First, you can go for insulated drawers and storage spaces to keep your food, spices and drinks at a desired temperature. The insulation keeps unwanted heat or cold from reaching the items stored inside the drawers, which is a handy feature considering that you have little control over outdoor conditions. Further customisation allows you to create sections where you can store ice and other perishables.

Get Creative

Some of the sections in your outdoor kitchen may not give themselves readily to stainless steel, but they can deliver excellent results when done correctly. Cabinetry, countertops and portable bar stools are some of the fittings that will tempt you to use a different material such as wood. Stick to steel and explore different finishes like powder coating to give your kitchen the functionality and look that it deserves.

Mind Your Space

If the outdoor kitchen sits on a small space, ensure you do not make the space feel crowded and difficult to manoeuvre for the users. A kitchen island or portable prep station made from stainless steel would be an excellent option to deal with this challenge.

For more information, contact a company that offers custom steel outdoor kitchen pieces.


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