Things You Should Know When Buying a Water Tank

Posted on: 18 December 2020

Have you been experiencing water supply issues and would like to buy a water tank? Or perhaps you have become environmentally conscious and want to reduce your current eco-footprint.

Whatever your reasons are, you should ensure you make a smart choice when buying a tank. This post will outline vital things you should keep in mind while shopping for a tank.

What materials are available?

Manufacturers use different kinds of materials to make water tanks today. Each of these materials has unique features, pros and cons that an individual should know before purchasing. One of the popular choices you will come across is the plastic water tanks. These tanks are made using a UV-stabilised plastic — polyethene. It's known for being affordable, easy to install, lightweight and durable. However, the material can start releasing toxins as the material wears down over the years, making the water unsuitable for drinking or irrigation.

Another tank material that's preferred due to its sturdiness and longevity is steel. However, steel has to be galvanised or be coated with plastic to avert corrosion. Concrete water tanks are also worth the investment as they are heavy and sturdy. They last long and can regulate the water temperature, unlike their plastic counterparts.

But the porous nature of this material forces manufacturers to install a plastic lining to prevent water leakage. Finally, you can choose a fibreglass tank. This material doesn't corrode or get worn down by chemicals, but it's expensive and prone to cracks.

How will you use the tank?

Determining how you intend to use the water tank in advance will help you make an informed choice when buying. Some of the common uses include storing drinking water, water for emergency and fire use, agricultural or irrigation water and water for household use.

You can also use water tanks similarly in a commercial setting. When you know the intended use, you'll pick the best material and size.

What will be your source of water?

Water tanks are used to store water from various sources, including the rain, borehole or other natural bodies of water like lakes, streams and dams. Amongst all sources of water, rainwater is the easiest to collect because it runs off from the roofing into the tank. Be sure to check the condition before drinking it.

Groundwater comes in handy during the long dry seasons. It would help if you had a well to pump the groundwater into the tank. This is the same technique you will use to get water from the natural water bodies.


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