Laser Cutting: 3 Reasons It's Widely Used in Most Manufacturing Processes These Days

Posted on: 4 December 2020

Laser cutting technology was developed several decades ago, and it has continued to advance. It has become trendy in most manufacturing processes and the entire metal fabrication industry. The method usually uses a laser beam to cut through metals such as steel and aluminium. The extremely high temperatures on the beam make it easy to melt and cut through the metal, and then high-pressure nitrogen effectively blows the molten metal out of the cut space.

The manufacturing industry has greatly adopted laser cutting because it is fast, precise and creates clean cuts that do not need other filing and finishing methods. If you own an industrial plant or are running a manufacturing project and you need fabricated metal, you should consider laser cutting. Here are the top benefits you will get when you choose laser cutting over other metal fabrication methods. 

The Cost Matches the Quality

The two things that most manufacturers worry about when looking for metal fabrication companies are the cost of the service and the quality of the product. The beauty of laser cutters is that they cut your metal very precisely, unlike the other fabrication methods. The precision can go down to a fraction of a millimetre. 

Therefore, the fabrication method creates a near photocopy of the design that you have in mind and does not introduce structural weaknesses that could interfere with the product's durability and final quality.

The Method Is Speedy and Reliable

Laser cutting is currently very highly computerised. The technology means that whether you want the same cut and print on one hundred pieces or want a hundred different cuts, laser cutting can help you achieve them within the shortest time. If you compare the method to older technology such as welding and stamping, laser cutting is more reliable, especially when you have bulk orders. 

It is the method to opt for when you need something made within a short time because professional metal fabricators set up the machine and can even allow it to run overnight for a fast turnaround.

The Method Has High Adaptability

Laser cutting does not only work with metal, but it also works well with wood and other composite materials. The cutters are easy to customise into any pattern or print that you have in mind. You can couple the laser cutting with technology such as 3D printing for superior-quality finished products.

These are the benefits you get when you choose laser cutting in your manufacturing process. You just need to ensure you choose reliable and trusted laser cutters for your fabrication project, as they will give you affordable quality. 


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