Learning from your metal fabrication service

Posted on: 13 November 2020

When you are designing a new product, then it will usually be made up of numerous smaller parts; each of which will need to be made separately. There could be hundreds of small parts which will eventually all need to be placed into a final casing. In many cases, the majority of these parts will all be made of metal so you will need to find a metal fabrication service you can trust to cut and form each of these parts so that you can assemble them into the final product. While the design of your product must ensure that what you create is functional, you must also consider how easy your design is to fabricate. What may be a great design in many ways could ultimately prove to be impractical if the production costs are too high. Working with a metal fabrication service is the best way to ensure that the final design for your product not only works well but can also be built within your budget constraints.   

Selecting your materials

While you may have a good idea of the materials you want to use in your product, it can be helpful to discuss some elements of the design with your chosen metal fabrication service. Sometimes there could be a range of materials with the characteristics that you need for your design. Some of these materials will be easier to work with than others and some of them could be more expensive than others. If you are looking for a metal that conducts electricity well, then you might want to choose gold or silver, yet in most situations, copper is preferred because of the lower cost. At other times you might want a metal that is hardwearing, yet do you really want something that is so tough that is is almost impossible to cut to shape? Your metal fabrication service will be able to explain how your material choices could impact on both the production time and the final cost of your fabrication requirements. Ultimately, the choice of material will be yours, but they could help you understand which technical properties are most important and which you might be able to consider as a secondary issue.  

Once you have finalised every aspect of your design, a metal fabrication service will be able to let you know when they will be ready to start production and how long it will be until you can expect to receive the final product.


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