Greenhouse Construction: Three Central Guidelines for Using Polycarbonate Sheets

Posted on: 18 August 2020

If you are planning on establishing a new greenhouse, you should think about using polycarbonate sheeting. This material is a beneficial choice for this application because it has exceptional clarity. Also, the impact strength is quite high, ensuring great resilience. In addition, the plastic sheets have excellent durability in adverse climatic conditions. However, you should note that the performance of the material will depend on your selection and installation choices. Here are some tips to keep in mind for successful use of polycarbonate sheets in greenhouse construction.

Determine Sheet Thickness

The thickness of polycarbonate sheets will determine the quality of light transmission. This aspect is crucial because plants require plenty of light for effective photosynthesis. The thickness will also have an impact on the level of thermal insulation. This is important because a lot of heat will affect the health of the plants. In general, you can choose single-wall solid sheets, which provide exceptional light filtration. However, these will not offer optimal thermal protection. They are only suitable in areas with mild weather conditions. If you intend to install your structure in a place with hostile conditions, you should opt for multiwall sheets. As long as the sheets are not tinted, light transmission will not be compromised.

Consider Ideal Sizing

It is important to determine the right polycarbonate sheet sizes for your greenhouse structure. In simple terms, you must determine the quantity of material you will require and the dimensions of each sheet. This will allow you to purchase the required products with efficiency. Where possible, you should acquire large sheets for the construction. These will have fewer connection joints and, subsequently, better light transmission and improved aesthetics. If you require smaller sheet sizes for your structure, you can plan for on-site cutting. This will give you great flexibility, and you can customise your greenhouse. If you intend to cut the sheeting as opposed to ordering made-to-measure panels, check the manufacturer's instructions on modifying without causing damage.

Plan for On-Site Storage

Finally, you should think about the storage of the polycarbonate sheeting before installation. Poor placement of these materials can be highly detrimental. For instance, the surfaces might sustain scratches if left in a high traffic area. Therefore, consider setting apart a sheltered area for storing the panels before the construction process begins. This place should be sheltered from people, equipment and sunlight. Additionally, you should remember to keep the protective film on the polycarbonate in place until you are ready to install the greenhouse sheets. 

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