Top Considerations When Choosing Spur Gears for Your Industrial Plants

Posted on: 30 June 2020

Industrial and processing set up require an efficient layout of machines to optimize operations. Often, this means that you need to integrate several machines for a smooth transition between various processes. The integration has to cover everything from the moment you input raw materials into the processing equipment to the time you are ready to pack and deliver the products to the client. You need an accessory that can facilitate the movement of mechanical parts, and spur gears are an excellent choice to begin with. The following piece teaches you the top considerations that will guide your choice of spur gears:

Mounting Requirements in Your Facility

Mounting should be the first thing you think about when choosing spur gears for your commercial applications. Prioritising the mounting requirements will help you match the spur gear to its environment. For example, spur gears made from alloy steel excel at providing resistance to corrosion, which is a basic need in processing and manufacturing applications. Carbon steels will favour you in terms of cost, but they are vulnerable to corrosion by harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. On the other hand, materials like brass are easy to mould and provide good resistance to corrosion. Spur gears made using brass are ideal for installations in tight spaces.

Torque, Velocity and Power

The power and torque that you desire from the movement of gears also affect the type of accessory that you choose. High-velocity applications need gears that can deliver high amounts of torque without physical damage to the gear. Gears made from materials such as aluminium will only last long when you use them for applications requiring low inertia. The same cannot be said about cast steel, which can handle high levels of inertia and resistance to vibration.

Convenience and Comfort

If you have processing and manufacturing equipment close to office spaces, then you need spur gears that can deliver efficient, quiet operation. Your best bet here is to go for reinforced plastics with additives and special resins. These components enable the plastics to stand up to corrosion and have enough strength to overcome misalignment. Polycarbonate plastics are an excellent example of the materials that can produce spur gears with adequate strength and the quiet operation you desire.

Gear Type

Spur gears come in various dimensions. For example, helical spur gears come with teeth angled slightly. They are not parallel to the central axis of rotation and useful for powering equipment with angular motion.

For more tips, reach out to a spur gear manufacturer in your area.


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