Top Three Advantages of Aluminium Sheet Metal HVAC Fabrication

Posted on: 24 June 2020

Homes and businesses alike rely on HVAC ductwork to deliver indoor comfort. The ductwork of HVAC systems can be made of different types of sheet metal to suit certain situations. But not all sheet metal is the same. Aluminium sheet metal is one of the most popular materials available for use in the fabrication of HVAC ductwork. The material offers a variety of qualities that make it suitable for use in HVAC fabrication.

Read on to find out why HVAC ductwork made using aluminium sheet metal fabrication is a fantastic choice. 

Aluminium Sheet Metal HVAC Ductwork Is Lightweight

Galvanised steel has been the traditional choice of sheet metal used in the fabrication of HVAC ductwork, but it's quite heavy and may be unsuitable for certain applications. Of all the different types of sheet metal used in fabricating HVAC ductwork, aluminium is the lightest in terms of weight. 

Owing to its lightweight design, ductwork made using aluminium sheet metal is extremely easy to install. The ductwork can be lifted and put in place with minimal effort and trouble, significantly reducing installation time.

Aluminium Sheet Metal HVAC Ductwork Is Highly Resistant to Corrosion

Sheet metal HVAC ductwork installed in hot attics and wet basements can easily suffer corrosion. Corroded ducts will need to be removed and replaced since the corrosion process can't be reversed once it starts. While all metal materials are susceptible to corrosion, some metals are inherently more corrosion-resistant than others. 

Aluminium sheet metal is used to manufacture HVAC ductwork because it's highly resistant to corrosive environments. The aluminium oxide layer that naturally forms on its surface when it's exposed to the atmosphere helps cushion against corrosion damage to HVAC ductwork.

Aluminium Sheet Metal Is Highly Formable

Installing HVAC ductwork often involves running air ducts in crawlspaces, attics, small basements and other tight spaces of a building. Because these spaces don't always provide adequate space to manoeuvre and install HVAC ductwork, it's extremely important to choose sheet metal HVAC ductwork that can be easily shaped into different shapes without defects. 

Aluminium sheet metal is revered for its excellent formability. It can be custom-made to fit into almost any space where a rigid-system HVAC ductwork won't work.

Aluminium is the perfect alternative to traditional galvanised steel sheet metal HVAC ductwork because it weighs less, is more resistant to corrosion and much more. If you'd to learn more about aluminium sheet metal HVAC ductwork fabrication, contact a sheet metal HVAC fabrication professional near you today.


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