Does your home need a new bespoke staircase?

Posted on: 28 May 2020

When renovating your home, you will probably take time to plan the layout of each room. You will think about how you will use each room and what style and type of decoration you want in each area. What you should also think about, although not everyone does, is how you will move between the rooms. It's likely that each of the rooms will open on to a hallway or landing and that to change between floors, you will have to use a staircase. While staircases are an important part of every home, they can frequently get forgotten as people focus on the parts of their home where they spend the most time.

Why do staircases matter?

While staircases may not feature on your 'most used' room list they are still a vital feature that can shape the way you and others view your property. When they enter your home, one of the first things that any visitor sees is likely to be the staircase, and sadly it is also the part of the home least likely to have had a makeover recently. Staircases link different parts of your property together, so if you want to create a great staircase, then you will have to create a design that allows your staircase to harmonise the different styles that are present in your bespoke staircases and ask them for help in designing the perfect staircase for your home.

What are bespoke staircases?

When you look at staircases, you might think that there is very little that can be 'bespoke' about them. It is tempting to see all staircases as the same, but in fact, there is actually a bewildering array of options that you might like to consider. You can have staircases created from metal, concrete or glass as well as the traditional wooden staircase. You can have staircases that are almost entirely open or staircases that are much boxier in appearance. You could create a staircase with glass panels that is enclosed for the protection of children but still lets plenty of light into your home. A bespoke staircase designer will be happy to work with you to create a staircase that not only fits perfectly into your home but also reflects positively on the way you use your property.

Talk to your designer of bespoke staircases to find out how a new staircase could help to revolutionise the appearance of your property.

For more information on staircases, contact a contractor.


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