Two Tips for Budget-Conscious Entrepreneurs Who Want to Set up Cake Businesses

Posted on: 21 May 2020

If you have a modest budget with which to establish your cake business, here are some tips that might interest you.

Use a mixture of non-commercial and commercial kitchen equipment

In a perfect world, you would deck out your facility's entire kitchen with high-end commercial equipment. However, this might not be an option if you have a small sum of money with which to buy your equipment. In this situation, you should aim to buy a mixture of non-commercial and commercial kitchen equipment.

Whilst the latter requires more financial investment than the former, it is generally bigger, more efficient and more powerful, and as such, makes the day-to-day operations of a commercial kitchen easier. As such, you should aim to invest in commercial equipment for the intensive tasks that need to be done on a large scale very frequently. For example, it would be sensible to buy a commercial mixer as you will need to make a lot of cake batter and frosting, as well as a commercial oven that will allow you to bake, for example, ten cakes at once.

Conversely, if you expect that you will only need to use an airbrushing tool to decorate a small number of custom-made cakes, then there is no need to spend lots of money on a commercial-grade cake airbrushing system, as one designed for personal use should be perfectly adequate.

Do not buy secondhand refrigerators

You will need one or two large commercial refrigerators, as you will need somewhere cool to keep your perishable ingredients (like cream, fresh fruit, milk, butter, etc.) and fresh cakes. Non-commercial refrigerators are unlikely to be big enough to store the ingredients and cakes you will use and make when running your business.

In this situation, it is important to use a sizeable chunk of your funds to buy new commercial refrigerators, rather than trying to cut back by purchasing secondhand ones. The reason for this is as follows; getting a secondhand version of this equipment would be a false economy, as a refrigerator that is already several years old, and which may have worn-out internal parts that you're unaware of, might break down after a few months of being used in your kitchen. If it is stuffed with ingredients or cakes when this happens, these valuable items might spoil before you have a chance to buy a new fridge and transfer them to it, in which case all of the money and labour you spent on ordering and making these goods would end up wasted.

Contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier to learn more.


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