Portable Goals For Youth Soccer Teams: 3 Reasons To Choose PVC

Posted on: 29 April 2020

Running a youth soccer team can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but for any youth sports team to thrive, they must have access to reliable, high-quality sporting equipment. While soccer requires less equipment than many team sports, you will still need goals for your team (and your opponents) to aim for.

Portable soccer goals are particularly useful for youth soccer teams, especially teams that lack a regular training ground, because portable goals allow them to set up a playable pitch in almost any suitable location. However, portable soccer goals can be made from a variety of materials, some of which may be more suitable for your team's needs than others.

Portable goals made from PVC plastic are highly popular with both youth and adult soccer teams, and they have a number of advantages over goals made from aluminium, fibreglass or other materials. Here are three reasons to choose PVC portable goals for your youth soccer team. 

Easy to Transport

Many soccer goals advertised as 'portable' can be remarkably heavy and difficult to transport, and portable goals made from steel or aluminium can be particularly difficult to transport, especially if you lack a large transportation vehicle. Fibreglass goals are lighter and easier to carry but also tend to be quite bulky, which may cause issues with transport space.

PVC portable goals are remarkably lightweight and can usually be carried easily by hand by one or two people. This makes them ideal if you usually play on pitches and fields far away from park facilities.

The vast majority of PVC soccer goals are also sectional and can be disassembled into very small individual pieces for storage and transport. This means that a full-size set of PVC goals can usually be carried in a standard car if fully disassembled, making them even easier to transport from game to game.

Highly Durable

You might think that less weight means less strength and durability, but PVC soccer goals are remarkably tough and can withstand many years of frequent use with minimal maintenance.

Unlike steel goals, they are completely immune to rust and corrosion. They are also less vulnerable to damage caused by intense sunlight than most fibreglass soccer goals. Goals made from uPVC are a little more expensive than standard PVC goals but are even more resistant to damage caused by UV exposure, making them an excellent long term investment for any youth club.

PVC goals can also take a physical beating and will not crack or split easily, even under heavy impacts.


Despite these excellent advantages, PVC soccer goals are not expensive, and they tend to be considerably cheaper than metal or fibreglass equivalents. They can be particularly useful if you coach older children who play with full-sized goals -- regulation-size goals made from metal or fibreglass can often cost hundreds of dollars, while PVC models are much more affordable.

To learn more, contact a soccer goal supplier.


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