Why Laser Cutting Is the Perfect Technology for Your Metal Cutting Project

Posted on: 27 April 2020

Planning your next metal cutting job?

When it comes to cutting metal material used in industrial applications, such as construction, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, food processing, pharmaceutical, and many more applications, there are a variety of metal cutting techniques that can be employed.

Laser cutting is a popular metal cutting process used across various industries, and for good reason. Check out a few key advantages of this metal cutting method below.

1. Laser Cutting Ensures Optimal Precision Is Achieved

Precision is one of the biggest advantages of laser cutters over many other industrial cutting techniques. The process involves using a highly focused laser beam to cut metal material. The accuracy of the laser beam helps to do a high-quality job – that is, to deliver clean cuts and neat finishes – that many older methods of cutting metal may not match. 

2. Laser Cutting Minimises Potential Distortion of Material 

Many traditional thermal cutting methods can cause significant distortion of the metal material that is being cut. This is because the heat used to cut the material isn't focused on the areas that need to be cut accurately.

The contactless and highly focused cutting process of laser cutting ensures the heat-affected area of the workpiece is as small as possible. Mechanical wear of metal parts is eliminated because no mechanical tools come into contact with the material.

Laser cutting will decrease material distortion while maximising the use of the available stock of material.  

3. Laser Cutting Is a Fast and Repeatable Process

Laser cutting generally gets the job done a lot faster than many traditional metal cutting processes. The best part is that the same clean cuts and smooth finishes can be created.

With the advent of laser cutting automation, laser cutting machines can be configured to deliver the same performance speed and quality of cuts for a production run. Once the commands have been keyed into a computer, the machines will continuously cut metal material until daily production targets are met.

While there are some highly automated laser cutters out there, a little human resource is still required to do a quality job.

With all its benefits, laser cutting is a potentially dangerous job that requires professional handling. Plus, laser cutting equipment can be expensive to buy if you're not in the business of providing laser cutting services to clients. Consider hiring a laser cutting business if you have a metal cutting job that you need professional help with.


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