Critical Factors to Consider when Building a Garage Shed

Posted on: 22 April 2020

Building a garage shed adds value to a property and provides more storage space, especially for average-sized homes. Since the structure is exposed to the elements, garage shed builders must use the right materials for the roofing, flooring, and siding. Besides the storage and weatherproofing elements, you need to consider other aspects when building a garage shed, as highlighted in this article.


One of the most critical aspects of a garage shed is the size of the entryway. For instance, is an entryway accessible, and can it accommodate large equipment? If you are building a garage shed to store gardening tools and equipment, ensure the entryway can accommodate a lawnmower or a snowblower. There is no need to build a garage shed that can only accommodate a few devices. One way to guarantee adequate accessibility is by building a garage shed with a double door. When open, a double door creates enough space for any medium-sized machinery to pass through with ease. Remember to install a ramp if a garage shed will sit above the ground. The more accessible a garage shed is — both at the entryway and inside — the better its functionality.

Decorative Details

Inasmuch as a garage shed is supposed to be functional, the structures should not stick out on the property like a sore thumb. Decorating the wall sidings and roofing is an integral part of integrating a shed to the surrounding landscape. For example, during the building stage, you can hang wooden planters on the wall sidings. Plants growing on the planters will help blend a garage shed in with the immediate environment. Another decorative option is to add a skylight on a shed's roof to allow in natural light. Besides, a skylight window will reduce the energy demands of a garage shed.

Additional Storage  

The floor space in a garage shed diminishes over time due to increasing space requirements. Therefore, it is critical to think about extra storage during the construction of a garage shed. One way to add storage space to a garage shed is to build a loft. The material of choice for the flooring is structural plywood due to its ability to accommodate heavy loads. A garage shed loft provides additional space that you can use to store more tools and equipment. When converting a garage shed loft into extra storage space, remember to include a stairway for ease of access.


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