Understanding the Basics of Using a Hand Tool in Steel Fabrication

Posted on: 30 March 2020

If you are a veteran in the field of steel fabrication, then you remember those times you would have to go through a crib manager to get the hand tool you need. Hand tools today are not as pricey as they were years ago. That is why having a crib guard over the devices is not necessary. When you lose any gear, you can just go for a replacement. That has led to people taking hand tools for granted. This article emphasizes the basics of using a hand tool.

Appreciate the Art of Building Things

Today, most steel fabricators concentrate on efficiency. The continuous hunt to achieve efficiency has led to losing the craft aspect of steel fabrication. Many workers now focus on how fast they can complete a task over the art behind making something from the sheet. If you run a company, allow your workers to create something using a hand tool. That can be done off the clock. During such times, no client is checking the efficiency of doing a particular job. Your workers will then get the chance to show off the work they do. The employees also get time to talk about their love for creating and building things.

Use Hand Tools During Training

Most shops have many projects which change every day. Thus, one employee may need to work through the different stages of steel fabrication. In that case, your workers should understand how to use equipment such as a hand saw as much as they know a deburring machine. Ensure your workers understand how to find the right file patterns for a particular edge. They should know when using a hand file will be enough. Additionally, they should realise when they need to use a deburring machine. Using hand tools is as essential as using machines in steel fabrication craft. 

Cultivate Good Shop Etiquette

Understanding the value of hand tools in steel fabrication fosters proper etiquette in your firm. Your workers will ensure they always leave the equipment in the same or better state than they were. Though the hand gears are not expensive, experts do not mishandle them. They take the time to inspect every equipment they use before putting them back. Your workers will also learn to note down any hand gear that needs repairs.


Steel fabrication is a complicated process that involves using sophisticated equipment. For you to be an expert in the field, you should be efficient in handling all the pieces of equipment. You need to cultivate the nature of taking care of hand tools as they are also vital in steel fabrication.


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