Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Used Pallets

Posted on: 24 March 2020

Pallets are flat structures used to place goods or commodities during storage, lifting or transport. They can be made from wood, plastic or metal. Pallets offer a flat and stable platform and a place to securely strap goods and commodities. When moved in any way (transporting or lifting with the help of cranes or forklifts), your goods cannot fall off the pallet or get damaged in any way. When stored, your goods also don't come into contact with the floor. Here are answers to questions you might have about used pallets:

What Are Used Pallets?

These are pallets that have already been used for transporting or storing goods. Once the goods or commodities are removed from the pallets for use and the pallets are left empty, they can be referred to as used pallets. Depending on their condition, they can either be reused for the same work or another creative purpose.

What Would You Need Used Pallets for?

Depending on their state and material composition, you can use them for patio furniture, hydroponics (plastic pallets), gardening, firewood, storage, landscaping, art, etc. All you need to do is be creative; used pallets can have so many uses.

How Much Do Used Pallets Cost?

The cost of used pallets depends on two things:

•    Material Composition

Used metal pallets are not always easy to come by because they are reused by warehouses and goods/commodities transport companies. They are the most expensive out of the three materials you may come across.

The most common material you might find is used wooden pallets because they are considered cheap and affordable. Most warehouses and goods/commodities transport companies might not reuse them as much as metal or plastic pallets. They are usually disposed of or sold as used wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets are reused by warehouses and goods/commodities transport companies because they are durable and slightly more expensive than wood pallets, but not as much as metal pallets. However, you can still find used plastic pallets being disposed of or being sold.

•    Physical State of the Used Pallet

This is how the pallet appears. If it's wood, has it soaked up water and started to rot? Can it be effective for what you want to use it for? Some companies that sell used wooden pallets usually restore them to look better; you might need to pay extra for the better-looking wood pallets.

It can be somewhat difficult to restore used plastic pallets, but they have a long shelf life and won't get damaged easily. You just have to inspect them when purchasing to ensure that they meet the standards of your needs.


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